Repute's Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) is an online marketing strategy employing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter to improve brand visibility and gain traction from broad and more diverse audience segments irrespective of locations and varying time zones. Surveys suggest that social media activities have helped brands gain online visibility and drive traffic to their websites, and global businesses are uncovering new approaches to using the digital medium to build their business online and succeed.

Social media usage is increasing exponentially, it’s essential to be aware of promoting your brand, products, or services online to reach your target audience segments by improving your brand’s digital presence. Repute’s social media marketing specialists are here to offer relevant recommendations and implement the right strategies to influence and convert audiences into loyal customers, irrespective of your business size.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Platforms

Facebook Marketing
Facebook is a cost-effective platform, with a large audience reach, allowing businesses to target specific audience segments and engage with their followers. Repute is a Facebook advertising agency that understands budgets, manages accounts, and optimises ads, among others to enable businesses to sustain their digital presence and establish their brand authority.
Twitter Marketing
As your Twitter advertising partner, Repute designs customized strategies to engage with your target audience, nurture an online community and support various causes, increasing your visibility and establishing your brand presence. We track analytics data, determine your target ideal buyers and build strategies to humanize your brand and gain traffic.
Instagram Marketing
Repute as an Instagram marketing agency helps businesses achieve their objectives by seamlessly integrating Instagram into the marketing process. We have extensive experience in creating posts, reels, Instagram stories, etc., to talk about your brand.
YouTube Marketing
Statistics show that a vast majority of online shoppers seek a brand through YouTube marketing videos. Repute as a YouTube marketing agency helps businesses develop quality videos, utilise the best SEO practices, and determine relevant title tags and descriptions for your uploaded videos.
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn is best suitable for business-to-business(B2B) companies to connect, influence and partner with industry leaders. Repute provides top-notch LinkedIn management solutions to reinforce your brand reputation, establish your expertise, exhibit your originality and build trust.
Pinterest Marketing
Repute’s Pinterest marketing expertise encompasses devising posting strategies, placement of pins, inserting text overlays, optimization and using effective CTAs. Utilizing analytics to understand your pin performance and engaging with leads to enhance your Pinterest marketing campaign is part of our processes.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Businesses employ social media marketing to interact with existing followers and reach out to new audience sections by talking about their brand, values, culture, etc., and analytics to monitor the performance of their initiatives. A strong digital presence and constant engagement enable you to grow your business, reach more people, gain referral traffic and understand your competitor’s marketing approaches. The market landscape is becoming hyper-competitive, customers use the digital medium to gain insights into your business, products and services and choose brands that are unique and are accessible

Gain audience insights
Social media provides deep insights into the most researched and trending topics allowing marketing experts to deliver customized social media marketing strategies and provide better service to enhance the client experience. Analytics help you monitor various metrics to understand audience inclinations to provide better assistance and make them loyal customers.
Boosts brand recognition
Brand awareness is crucial for businesses since people prefer to buy brands they recognise, and social media marketing plays a vital role in helping them create awareness of their products and services. A methodical social media plan allows you to connect and engage with a large audience boosting brand exposure and recognition speedily, than conventional marketing methods.
Increases sales conversions
Social media marketing boosts sales conversions as it allows businesses to connect and interact with their audience strengthening the relationship and coaxing them to become loyal customers. It promotes confidence and makes people appreciate your products/services. A good social media marketing strategy enables businesses to generate the best outcome for their brands.
Boosts brand value and growth
An excellent social media marketing strategy converts your followers into loyal customers who become brand ambassadors for your products/services, improving your bottom line. An increase in followers and proper engagement with your audience develop a positive brand image, boosting brand equity. Analytics helps you focus on particular audience segments, and a large social media following enhances brand value.
Increases brand allegiance
Social media is a powerful tool that allows businesses to build social media followers, connect with Existing and new customers, influence them to become more loyal and consequently become brand ambassadors. Studies show that 50% of buyers who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands. Your posts, status updates, visual elements, etc., on social media, make the audience respond, boosting website traffic.
Optimises costs
Social media marketing incurs low costs compared to other forms of internet marketing. Creating social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., are free and sponsored ads are cost-effective compared to conventional marketing techniques. Social media marketing helps businesses to retain customers and control expenses, increasing ROI. Having a team to interact with your followers on social media enables you to gain insights into customer preferences, send personalised messages, and improve customer delight.
Identify your target segment
Social media platforms provide various analytics tools to monitor your competitors, gain customer insights, target different audience segments and identify your ideal audience. It also offers advanced targeting options to target different sections in multiple ways. It also enables businesses to track results by tracking sales, email subscriptions, website traffic and the outcome of various social media marketing activities, thereby improving conversion rates.
Increases traffic
Social media marketing increases traffic to your website, and the content and visual elements you post on your social media account help you gain new customers. Marketers employ social media marketing to get a higher keyword ranking and generate more leads. Content quality is crucial to enhance your SERP ranking and increase website visitors. Social media helps you reach a wider audience, expands your reach organically and improves your search rankings.
Gain Brand Authority
Social media marketing enables businesses to enhance customer delight and establish brand loyalty, thereby gaining brand authority. Posting fresh and appealing content, and interacting with followers using personalized messages makes your customers trust your brand and advocate your product/service by voicing their views and promoting your brand, establishing brand authority.
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Repute's Successful Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy

As your social media marketing company, Repute takes time to understand your business objectives and KPIs. The next phase involves performing an in-depth audit and reviewing analytics to determine the factors that undermine your social media presence, set benchmarks and devise tailored social media marketing strategies to derive the best outcome.

Our social media specialists optimize your social media pages/accounts, enhance your social media profile, manage your business listings, execute campaigns and connect with social media influencers to increase your popularity. We track and monitor your social media growth and increase the impact of SMM campaigns by managing your organic traffic, bounce and conversion rate, etc., to finetune campaigns to get the desired results. We periodically keep you updated with consultations and reports, which provide an overview of your social media popularity, the campaign’s progress and what to expect.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) FAQs

It is essential to conduct thorough research to understand which social media channel best suits your business type and optimize your presence on every platform where your ideal customers are available and engaged. Your product/service type and the platform that suits your brand and messaging should also be taken into account before setting your business goals and choosing the relevant platform for your business.

The frequency of publishing your post varies with each social media channel, and it is essential to meet the benchmarks to use the platform optimally to achieve the desired outcome. A good social media manager will be aware of the best approaches, and if you are planning on handling your company’s social media channels, thorough research to understand the frequency and length of your content, the necessary visual elements and the timing to get the best results for your business.

Social media advertising is cost-effective and pocket-friendly, but the more you spend, the higher your revenue and outcomes. Each social media platform has specific criteria, and your social media ad expense should meet them, for example, Facebook has a minimal daily ad expense, and it would be best to start with lower ad spending and increase your budget based on the outcome and business objectives.

One of the best aspects of SMM is that it generates results more quickly than compared to other marketing approaches, you get to experience the results in a day or in a few weeks’ time.

Our SMM specialists frequently monitor our SMM campaign performance, track results, examine and determine the factors that undermine the campaign progress and work towards enhancing it.

Yes, we take immense pleasure and pride in addressing all aspects of your social media marketing by posting content frequently, especially on special occasions, to ensure your social media profile is active and organically generates leads. You can rest assured that Repute handles your social media accounts expertly, with the promise that we will never fall short of your expectations.

Yes, once we design the creative, our team will share it with you for approval, and based on your feedback, our team will make necessary changes in the creative and content to suit your preferences and post them on your social media pages.

We regularly stay in touch with our clients and keep them updated with relevant reports on campaign performance and growth. We are open to suggestions and consultation support between 10 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Friday, and finetune/modify the campaign for the best results.

We understand that our client’s business size, market, target audience, requirements, and expectations are distinct, and it is crucial to address every client’s needs. Hence, we give importance to examining and understanding each of our client’s brands, products, services, campaign ideas, and targets to deliver the best results by scheduling regular meetings and reviews that provide space for discussion and improvements.

We conduct thorough research to understand each of our client’s businesses, brands and target audiences and work on strategies that link the two. We carefully eliminate factors that are irrelevant to the business’s target audience and then begin prioritising elements that connect them both.