Sangu Knit Lands

About Client
Sangu Knit Lands is a leading Garment manufacturer in Tirupur, India exporting to the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France, New Zealand and Canada.
Project Goals
We have helped Sangu Knit Lands establish a digital presence and gain visibility worldwide to boost export sales with a WordPress site.
Project Overview
Sangu Knit Lands needed a visually appealing and fully functional website to attract overseas buyers.

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  • Industry: Garments
  • Website:
  • Location: Tirupur, India
  • Service: Knitting, Processing, Printing, Embroidery
Client Requirements
  • Responsive website design
  • Simple navigation
  • Adequate visual elements to highlight their infrastructure, product range, and CSR activities
Our Process

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Creative Process
Our internal design and development team worked together to deliver design solutions as per client requirements.
Understanding the garment industry, market trends, client competitors and USPs, and technological developments.
We developed wireframes to establish the website’s functionality and flow.
Layout Design
Modern and visually appealing layout design in line with the company’s brand values.
The website font styles, sizes, and colours were carefully selected to ensure readability and enhance the design aesthetics.
Website Content
Our content writers developed engaging and SEO optimised website content for Sangu Knit Lands to rank well in SERPs to earn leads.
Landing Pages
We developed user-friendly landing pages to provide an intuitive navigation experience to users showcasing the client’s unique brand collections.
The website effectively showcases the client’s infrastructure and products in an engaging and informative manner to attract overseas buyers.
We developed a responsive design, a user-friendly and functional website showcasing the client’s infrastructure and bed linen products
Team collaboration was crucial to ensure a successful project outcome
Effective use of visual elements and images to enhance website aesthetics and highlight eco-friendly practices
The website is optimized to rank well in SERPs, enhancing online reputation and brand visibility to potential buyers globally.
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Our Success Story

We are proud to have helped Sangu Knit Lands enhance their brand reach with an appealing and engaging website to showcase their unique garment collections and stand out with a distinguished presence from their competitors.