Tanjore Meenakshi Hospital

About Client
Meenakshi Hospital is a renowned healthcare institution in Tanjore dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services and compassionate care which turned as a corporate hospital from a charity hospital.
Build an appealing & Content Management website to showcase their healthcare services, specialties, facilities, etc with a user-friendly interface & responsive website that is easily accessible to the users.
Project Overview
After transforming from a mission hospital to a corporate hospital, Meenakshi Hospital needed a dynamic website to create an intuitive user experience, showcase their services, and promote their commitment to exceptional healthcare.

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Client Requirements
  • Responsive website design
  • Simple navigation
  • Adequate visual elements to highlight their healthcare services
Our Process

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Creative Process
Our internal design and development teams worked in collaboration for the Meenakshi Hospital website development project with detailed briefing sessions to understand client requirements and objectives.
A thorough research on the education sector and competitors of Meenakshi Hospital helped us understand the current market trends, USPs, and technological developments in the industry.
Based on the research findings, our team created wireframes for the website for a visual representation of the website’s structure and layout to get a clear understanding of the website’s functionality and flow.
Layout Design
The next step was about finalizing the website’s layout design, ensuring it was modern, visually appealing, and in line with the hospital’s brand image and values.
The website font styles, sizes, and colors were carefully selected to ensure readability and enhance the design aesthetics.
Website Content
Our content writers developed unique, engaging, and plagiarism-free website content for Meenakshi Hospital which is highly optimized to rank well in SERPs.
Landing Pages
The final landing pages of the website were designed to be user-friendly and provide an intuitive navigation experience, showcasing Meenakshi Hospital’s world-class amenities, specialties, and patient care.
The website surpassed client expectations and through our meticulously crafted website design, Meenakshi Mission Hospital achieved remarkable results. The hospital received more admissions under their specialties. Our project played a pivotal role in enhancing their online presence, attracting patients, and driving tangible success.
Our team worked closely with Meenakshi Hospital Thanjavur to construct a responsive design, a user-friendly and functional website showcasing their specialties, amenities, and patient care, demonstrating the importance of design and development team collaboration to ensure the successful outcome of a website development project.
Visual elements and images were effectively used to construct an engaging and appealing website, enabling users to explore their specialties and awareness events.
The website is optimized to rank well in SERPs, helping our clients to build their online reputation and increase brand visibility to potential target audience.
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Our Success Story

We are proud and honored to have helped our most esteemed customer since 2015, Meenakshi Hospital to enhance their brand visibility with an appealing and engaging website to showcase their medical services and receive admissions through the website.