Should You Use AI Content & Copy for SEO? To Know More About!

What is AI-Generated Content?

Artificial Intelligence or AI-Generated Content is the hottest trend on the web right now. AI features like ChatGPT have the amazing power of creating credible content within seconds by reducing a common man’s time and effort in building a creative. This has become a saving factor for people who lack linguistic and writing skills.

How is AI connected to SEO?

There are numerous businesses out there wanting to increase their brand visibility and reach by appearing at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). In such cases, entrepreneurs can use the perfect content marketing strategy for their business website and social media pages to attract their target audience. They might want to get the help of AI tools to generate the best-suited content for their digital marketing campaigns but wonder if that will be supported by search engine rankings. And this article discusses the pros and cons of utilizing AI content and the smartest ways for witnessing enhanced SEO rankings with AI.

Can we use AI Content for SEO?

One cannot strongly confirm that AI content can be used for boosting SEO rankings. But, at the same time, one cannot outrightly claim that AI cannot be used for SEO. Therefore, as far as you have the ability to smartly utilize the help of ChatGPTs, you can implement AI content for your business campaigns to increase brand visibility through SEO by following the guidelines discussed below.

How to use AI writing tools for SEO?

A crucial factor that impacts SEO is plagiarism. Plagiarised content does not get recognized by search engines and AI content tends to produce repeated content for similar titles leading to plagiarism. Apparently, as more people utilize AI tools nowadays due to their benefits, it is highly likely that your AI content gets plagiarized by undermining your SEO rankings. Therefore, modify the generated AI content by proofreading and reviewing to make it more human in order to be free from plagiarism for improved SEO presence.

Keywords are one of the primary reasons that boost your SEO presence but AI content is not programmed for detecting which and how many keywords in a post can increase your SEO rankings. Hence, after producing your required content with ChatGPT, you need to recheck and do the necessary keyword stuffing so that your content is customized for SEO.

You cannot blindly trust the content an AI tool generates. Because in some cases, it is proven to contain factual errors and inaccurate information. So, make sure you do the verification check on the credibility of AI content through proofreading so that your SEO rankings are unaffected.

Another important factor to keep in mind for AI content is that they cannot produce content for certain tonality such as humor or sarcasm. Hence, as an entrepreneur or a comedian wanting to attract your target audience with humor, ensure you customize or add the necessary tone to the AI content according to your requirements for better SEO rankings.

Ensure that the AI-generated content is in compliance with the ethical and legal principles of your particular industry. Because no matter how much ever supervision you invest in the efficiency of AI content, if you cannot modify it based on your industry standards, you might fail to witness your aimed SEO target. Because AI is not human. It is not aware of what is right and what is wrong. It just vaguely produces content but you have to tick the parameters of specifications, templates, accuracy, and ethical or legal standards.

Does Google accept AI?

It is widely known that Google can easily recognize AI content and dismiss its eligibility for search engine rankings. This is because earlier it had strict policies to eliminate any machine-generated content. But, recently, Google has updated its norms and experiments show that it accepts content produced by AI as far as it is not completely machine-generated. That is, by manually proofreading and editing content, we make the AI content more human, and by implementing techniques as discussed in this article, you can still boost your SEO rankings with AI content.

This article dealt with the dos and dont’s in utilizing AI-generated content for improved SEO rankings. By applying the tricks and tactics explained in this article, entrepreneurs can experience improved SEO presence for wider visibility and reach of their businesses. Partner with Repute, the best content marketing agency and SEO service provider in Coimbatore, India that guarantees top SEO ranking for your business by creating credible content.

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