Top 10 simple steps to analyze your brand on SERP and build an effective digital strategy

Top 10 simple steps to analyze your brand on SERP and build an effective digital strategy


The foremost digital marketing goal for enhancing the online presence of any business is to rank their business site or social media pages at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google. But, most entrepreneurs and marketers struggle to push the rankings of a brand’s profile to gain wider recognition and popularity. This article discusses the 10 simple steps to build an effective digital strategy to enhance a brand’s online visibility.

Site Pages

Building a brand website with rich site links or pages is the most crucial factor for increasing your SERP rankings. Because the results on the quality of most websites are indicated towards the betterment or inclusion of the About Us page, Contact page, login page, category page, essential articles, and the correct language for witnessing higher rankings of a site. Associate with the Best web designing company in Coimbatore like Repute which will help you design the best-suited webpages to enhance your SERP rankings.

User Engagement

There are other primary factors that improve the search engine rankings of a website such as user engagement. Though you create the best website or social profiles for your clients that rank higher on Google, if their users are not engaging, it is less likely that the site will have a sustained presence on SERPs. This is either because the content is not good enough or you are wrongly targeting a platform where their target audience shows less activity.


If your client targets video marketing platforms like YouTube, it is necessary that you help them create perfect and catchy thumbnails for pulling increased target audiences to their brand and services. Contact a leading video production service such as Repute, to create the perfect YouTube videos with the necessary protocol that will help your brand rank higher on SERP.

Review Sites

Adapt a service review strategy for your client on a popular third-party platform like Glassdoor where customers can drop their reviews and experience collaborating with your client’s products and services. This will improve the organic traffic of your client’s website and social media pages.

‘People Also Ask’ Section

This section is highly important for your clients to experience a successful ranking on search engines. This section offers clarity for potential customers before approaching your client’s brand for products and services. Because it establishes reliability and assurance on your client’s business as Google provides validation on their brand.

Filter Pills

Filter Pills are icons or tabs that appear at the bottom of the search box on Google. It provides prospective consumers of your client a customized and refined indication of their business offering so that they have an exact knowledge of what to expect and purchase from the brand.

Related Searches

Related searches are one of the important factors that show your clients the alternate keywords potential consumers use to search for their business. This can help your clients optimize their website or social media content for better rankings on SERP.

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel is Google’s knowledge of your client’s brand, products, and services gathered from all information discussed or provided all over the web including from third-party websites. So, if your business does not have a Google Knowledge Panel, it is less likely that Google will recognize your website and other pages to rank them on SERP.

Google Summary

A Google summary of your website is highly credible for increased rankings on SERPs and sales for your business. This summary helps most users decide whether to take further steps in visiting a website. Because users are hinted if the site will provide answers to their purpose of search with this summary. Few websites do not gain Google Summary if they face reputation management issues. In such cases, contact a top reputation management service similar to Repute for helping your brand gain a good Google Summary for better rankings on SERP.

SERP beyond page 1

If your client’s website or social pages are ranked on any page on search engines other than the first, it means your SEO strategy has flaws that need to be rectified for higher rankings. The reason for backward rankings could either be due to the content or the platform you have chosen to promote your business brand. So, approach a leading SEO agency like Repute to optimize your content and digital strategy for higher rankings on Google.

This article has discussed the top 10 simple steps to analyze the position of your brand on SERP and to build an effective digital strategy. Make sure you implement all these steps addressed here to check and lay out a better SEO strategy to enhance your brand’s rankings on search engines like Google. Partner with Repute, the best SEO company in Coimbatore, India to establish the most successful strategy that guarantees top SERP rankings for your brand.

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