Top 10 Important WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

Top 10 Important WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

WordPress is one of the most essential tools for digital marketing for the purpose of writing and publishing blogs and articles for websites which are ultimately targeted towards establishing a strong presence on search engines like Google. Additionally, there are various plugins that you can adapt to your WordPress account that can enhance your process of building and modifying content for websites. This article discusses the top 10 important WordPress plugins every website needs and approaches Repute, Top WordPress web development service providers in Coimbatore to guide in including all these plugins for wider reach and sales of your business.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has a powerful redirect feature to easily build 301 directs, internal link suggestions, optimize features for keywords, synonyms, keyphrases, related keywords, readability check feature, update features according to Google norms, permission to build personalized meta header and description, and contains XML news sitemaps. You can also see how well your content has been optimized and lets you modify improvements easily. Additionally, you can gain access to analytics, check the length of your sentences and paragraphs, improve your writing, and format your pages.


You can check if your website backup is up-to-date, and screen for issues and threats based on your website security. You can also supervise the uptime and downtime status of your websites and check for plugin updates for your connected websites.


By default supervises all comments and refines spam comments. Provides basic and advanced spam statistics within your WP admin area. It also displays approved comments and makes sure that privacy and GDPR compliance are intact.

WP Forms

You can create visually appealing and unlimited contact forms free of cost by saving your time with in-built form templates. It also gives you the ability to personalize the verification messages visitors notice when they read your form. It has default spam prevention where you can prevent bots by including CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, etc. so that your visitors do not get carried away while filling out the forms. This enhances customer experience leading to an increased number of successful contact form submissions. It also has a geolocation option to provide the details of the user’s location and surveys and polls feature to analyze the user response and behavior.

WP Rocket

It caches your website’s auto-generated pages and increases user-end browser caching. It also modifies slow page load speed to enhance loading time. This tool has an integrated caching solution with Content Delivery Network (CDN) and loads images on requests. It is compatible with CloudFlare and supports WordPress Multisite.


This tool allows you to choose from 300+ amazing built-in templates from its library. You can also build a value proposition with a simple drag-and-drop feature and come up with complete authentic designs for your websites.


With this extraordinary tool, you can do both automatic and manual backups of multiple WordPress websites. Similarly, you can also restore WordPress sites to their earlier state and can also easily clone and migrate WordPress sites. Most importantly, you can back it up to your preferred location, and allow you to conduct fully customized scheduled backups. Additionally, you can also back up non-WordPress files and databases with the help of an extensive remote storage option.

Monster Insights

This is one of the best WordPress plugins that have various features for e-commerce, user behavior, SEO reports, real-time analytics, form conversion, affiliate link tracking, and WordPress events. This can help you see which content performs best, and which pages need improvement. You can also build an audience profile covering their demographics, education, gender, age, and interests. Most importantly, you can learn about your user behavior from data like how they find your site, how much time they spend on it, what links they click, what keywords they search for, etc.


This tool offers you an automated redirect to the nearest match, redirects per source or device, redirect logs, redirects by the user logged in or logged out, and manual redirect rules with all standard redirect options. Moreover, it tracks all 4xx error pages and establishes page-level redirection easily.


With this tool, you can automatically compress your images, optimize your JPEG and PNG images, bulk optimize any old images, and resize images you want to upload to your website. Optimole also supports both Retina and WebP images, utilizes a universal content delivery network (CDN), and is compatible with modern page builders like Elementor.

This article has discussed the top 10 important WordPress plugins every website needs to produce the best version of the site that will naturally increase its visibility, and popularity leading to improved sales of the business. Contact Repute, the best WordPress website development agency in Coimbatore, India for helping you with implementing these essential plugins in your website for better reach and boosting business sales.

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