How to Fix Organic Traffic Dropping You Should Know

How to Fix Organic Traffic Dropping – You Should Know

There could be various reasons for businesses facing a huge drop in organic traffic toward their website. And drop in organic traffic leads to an increased drop in leads and sales towards their business affecting the brand’s digital visibility and presence. This article discusses the possible reasons for experiencing a drop in organic traffic and also offers fixes to increase organic traffic. 

Check your Website

Ensure that your website is functioning at its best with respect to hosting, server, security, and uptime. Check your website dashboard to know if there is any complaint raised by customers with respect to technical issues. Then fix these issues to easily witness improved organic traffic towards your website. 

Check Google Analytics

Verify if Google Analytics is precisely tracking your organic traffic rate with the help of Real Time reports. If there is an indication of any issue, modify or replace your Google Analytics tracking code which can automatically increase organic traffic to your website. 

Review Google Algorithm Changes

Make sure you are up to date with Google Algorithm changes. Because Google makes frequent norm changes or eligibility criteria for a website to be capable of yielding increased organic leads. This could be related to content quality, page speed, questionable backlinks, or trustworthiness. So, fix these issues to experience enhanced organic traffic to your website. 

Check Google Search Console

Google Search Console indicates factors that undermine your website’s SEO presence which naturally affects your organic traffic. These include indexing problems with pages, server errors, and user experience issues. So, by fixing these indicated issues, you can easily witness improve organic traffic to your website. 

Check Google Bugs

At times there is a possibility that even Google Search Console might be facing problems that will automatically affect organic traffic toward your website. This is reported as a common issue experienced by many website owners and users. So make sure that your website is free from any Google bugs to witness increased traffic for your website. 

Check Google Trends

Sometimes, users lose interest in your website not because they do not find it engaging or useful but because there is another hot and trending topic discussed on the web that has widely gained the attention of your audiences. So your organic traffic drop issue will easily get fixed if people move away from the current Google trend.

Improve Content

Check if your content is highly qualified which is easy to read and understand. Because content that is not efficient enough or readable in simple language is highly likely to lose engagement among readers leading to a huge drop in organic traffic. Therefore, improve the quality of your content for gaining increased organic traffic to your website. If needed, take help from Repute, the best content marketing service provider in Coimbatore, India who can produce the perfect content for your website that can naturally widen traffic to your business. 

Enhance Social Media Presence

Make sure that you have an active social media page for your business where you post regular updates about your products and services so that wider audiences get attention to your business leading to enhanced organic traffic. Also, it is important that you include your social media badges or icons on your website so that organic traffic is not affected even when you face other technical issues on the site. Because with this approach your customers can still approach you through social media where they spend an ample amount of time. Take guidance from Repute, the No.1 social media marketing firm in Coimbatore, India for enhancing your social media visibility for witnessing increased organic traffic for your business. 

This article has provided several reasons and fixes for organic traffic dropping. To experience enhanced organic traffic for your business website, check all these factors and do the necessary changes as explained in this article. 

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