The Pros and Cons of Hiring In-House vs. an SEO Agency

The Pros and Cons of Hiring In-House vs. an SEO Agency

Every entrepreneur wants his business to successfully reach his target audience. And the first step towards that goal is to have a strong ranking on search engines like Google. Because people look for anything and know about anything in the world by surfing through Google. It is the ultimate guide that people trust. So, if your business site or social media profile appears on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) such as that of Google, your target audiences are highly likely to notice your brand and take further action toward purchasing your products and services. And to make this a success, businessmen, and marketers might be wondering what to do to achieve the desired goal. There are usually two options for establishing a solid ranking on search engines – either to hire the perfect SEO expert as an employee within the company (in-house) or to invest in a leading SEO company that can do all the work on behalf of you. And to ease your decision-making, this article explains the pros and cons of hiring in-house and an SEO agency for businesses. 



A better understanding of products and services

When you hire an SEO professional as an employee in your company for solely working towards improving your website’s visibility in search engines, they will naturally have a better understanding of your products and services and layout strategies based on their significance. 

You can make quick changes to SEO strategies

You can also make quick changes to your SEO strategies whenever you feel a slight modification or improvement could enhance your website’s ranking on Google. This is because the SEO specialist is always available in the company around your vicinity and can make the necessary changes according to your interest and convenience.

Professional solely involved in your SEO campaign

The in-house professional is hired to only work towards your SEO campaign without the requirement of expecting to take care of assignments from any other departments or matters of your business. So, they have a better and deep knowledge of what might work and what might not work in building SEO strategies for the purpose of experiencing better search engine rankings. 


Difficult recruitment process

One of the disadvantages of hiring an in-house professional might be that it won’t be an easy recruitment process. Because it is not about hiring any other SEO specialist, it is about hiring the right, best-suited, and eligible candidates who can help you achieve your SEO campaign goals. So, you might face hard times finding the perfect SEO professional for your business.


Recruiting an in-house professional might be highly expensive under certain circumstances. For example, sometimes your SEO campaign is just for an initial or temporary boost for your brand and you might not want to adapt it as a long-term campaign goal. In such a scenario, hiring an in-house professional might not be necessary as it is expensive.

Hard to adapt to industry changes

One of the important disadvantages of hiring an in-house professional is that they might not always be sure or keep themselves updated with sudden industry changes or norms. That is, they might not be aware of specific nuances and tricks that can easily boost your SEO rankings and this will affect your overall campaign. 

SEO Agency


Expertise in SEO

Approaching a leading SEO agency like Repute can help achieve your goal of ranking your website on top of search engines is a wise decision. Because they have expertise in SEO practices and have comprehensive knowledge of what might work and what might not from their own experience of working for other clients from similar industries. So, it is highly likely that they can deliver what they promise.

Faster delivery

As top SEO companies such as Repute are highly skilled in building the best SEO strategies that can guarantee promised results for different businesses according to their specific industry standards, they can offer faster delivery of your SEO campaign goals. 


The most important benefit that comes along with collaborating with the best SEO firm similar to Repute is that they have access to the required resources that can help businesses achieve their campaign goals.


Finding the right agency

It is not just about investing in any SEO agency you hear about. It is about finding the right and best-suited SEO firm for your business that has the necessary resources, skilled professionals, and other criteria like budgeting, delivery, etc. to execute what they promise which is not so easy to find.

Multiple clientele

SEO agencies have so many businesses to focus on and work towards apart from your company. So, this might have an impact on the execution of your SEO campaign goals. 

Limited availability

SEO agencies cannot offer 24/7 365 customer service for their clients due to their time restrictions. They are obliged to work within their office hours and they will not be available to quickly respond to and act upon your sudden suggestions and modification which will impact your SEO campaigns. 

These are the pros and cons of hiring an in-house SEO professional and SEO agency. You can analyze both to decide which best suits your business and are in alignment with your brand’s campaign goals. Feel free to contact Repute, the No.1 SEO company in Coimbatore, India to help achieve your desired SEO goals. 

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